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Ianis Delpla   Dr.  Institute, Department or Faculty Head 
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Ianis Delpla published an article in October 2018.
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Olivier P. Thomas

437 shared publications

Marine Biodiscovery, School of Chemistry and Ryan Institute, National University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway), University Road, H91 TK33 Galway, Ireland

Manuel Rodriguez

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Laval University

Patrick Levallois

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Département de médecine sociale et préventive, Faculté de médecine, Université Laval, Québec, QC, Canada, G1V 0A6

Tarik Benmarhnia

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Scripps Institution of Oceanography; University of California, San Diego; La Jolla CA USA

Estelle Baures

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EHESP Rennes, Sorbonne Paris Cité, Avenue du Professeur Léon Bernard, CS 74312, Rennes Cedex 35043, France;;; Inserm, U 1085-IRSET, LERES, Paris, France

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Article 1 Read 0 Citations Optimizing disinfection by-product monitoring points in a distribution system using cluster analysis Ianis Delpla, Mihai Florea, Geneviève Pelletier, Manuel J. R... Published: 01 October 2018
Chemosphere, doi: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2018.06.009
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Article 1 Read 0 Citations Drinking Water Source Monitoring Using Early Warning Systems Based on Data Mining Techniques Ianis Delpla, Mihai Florea, Manuel J. Rodriguez Published: 25 August 2018
Water Resources Management, doi: 10.1007/s11269-018-2092-4
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CONFERENCE-ARTICLE 7 Reads 0 Citations Using data mining for event-based prediction of turbidity in a drinking water source Ianis Delpla, Mihai Florea, Manuel Rodriguez Published: 01 December 2016
The 1st International Electronic Conference on Water Sciences, doi: 10.3390/ecws-1-a011
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Drinking water treatment plants (DWTP) using surface water as potable source could be particularly vulnerable to short term transient events leading to sudden rise in suspended sediments, organic matter, nutrients, pathogens and other organic and inorganic contaminants. The prediction of source water parameters using early warning systems could be one solution to drinking water operators to manage short term transient water quality contamination events. In the context of climate changes where an intensification of rainfall-runoff events and consecutive pollution episodes is predicted, using data mining techniques could be of particular interest as forecasting tools to adapt efficiently drinking water treatment during transient pollution episodes. This study focuses on the development of data mining techniques using neural networks and trend analysis to forecast turbidity peaks in a drinking water source located in a humid continental climate (Quebec, Canada). The DWTP uses surface water to provide drinking water to almost 300 000 inhabitants. High frequency data from 2012 to 2016, from on-line measurements, are used for source water turbidity. Rainfall indicators (number of dry days, sum of the daily precipitation for 1, 2, 5 and 10 days prior to turbidity event start, days since daily precipitation of at least 10, 20 and 50 mm prior to event start) have been created using five meteorological stations located within the watershed as input parameters for models. The results of this study could help water treatment plant operators to anticipate the variability of key water quality parameters.

Article 3 Reads 5 Citations Investigating social inequalities in exposure to drinking water contaminants in rural areas Ianis Delpla, Tarik Benmarhnia, Alexandre Lebel, Patrick Lev... Published: 01 December 2015
Environmental Pollution, doi: 10.1016/j.envpol.2015.08.046
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Article 2 Reads 0 Citations Variations of disinfection by-product levels in small drinking water utilities according to climate change scenarios: a ... I. Delpla, A. Scheili, S. Guilherme, G. Cool, M. J. Rodrigue... Published: 01 June 2015
Journal of Water and Climate Change, doi: 10.2166/wcc.2015.102
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Article 3 Reads 12 Citations Impacts of rainfall events on runoff water quality in an agricultural environment in temperate areas Estelle Baurès, Aude-Valérie Jung, Ianis Delpla, Olivier Tho... Published: 01 April 2011
Science of The Total Environment, doi: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2011.01.033
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